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Sports Kit - Small Sports Kit in Soft Pack

Sports Kit - Small Sports Kit in Soft Pack

As a coach or manager, it is an essential to include an appropriately sized first aid kit with the sports equipment and gear held for your players for both game day and practice sessions. Our sports kits are designed for the sideline. They are portable and stocked to provide first aid to your players if an unfortunate injury event occurs in play.

This small sports kits is ideal for players in lone or small team sports, and ideal for coaches and managers to provide an initial sideline first aid response when a larger more comprehensive kit may be available in the club house or at the sports venue.

The Small Sports Kit in Soft Pack Contents:

1 x Hep Warning Label
1 x Triangle Bandage (2 Safety Pins)
1 x Crepe Bandage 50mm
1 x Crepe Bandage 75mm
1 x Paper tape
1 x Scissors Red handle
1 x First Aid Tips
1 x Clean Up Bag Contamination
10 x Safety Pins
1 x First Aid Economy tweezer
1 x Non Adherent Dressings
1 x Non Adherent Dressings
1 x Combine Dressing
1 x Combine Dressing
1 x Eye Pad Single
2 x Gauze Swabs 2's Sterile non woven
4 x Antiseptic wipes
1 x CPR Face shield
1 x Examination Gloves in Printed bag
1 x Fabric Standard Pack 25
2 x Loose Plasters Finger Extenstion Fabric
1 x Wound closure strip 5's
1 x Instant Ice Packs
1 x Ampule Saline
1 x Tube Antiseptic Cream
1 x Sports Tape Economy 25mm
1 x Compact Soft Pack First Aid Bag

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