First Aid Awareness – Harm-Less New Zealand

At Harmless we offer a wide range of top quality first aid kits, first aid supplies, fire extinguishers and other safety products. Can't see what you're looking for? Give us a call on 0800 724 435 - We're able to source most first aid supplies.

First Aid Awareness

  • Camping First Aid Kits – Prepared Campers are Happy Campers

    Kiwi’s and camping, they go together like a BBQ banger and tomato sauce in a slice of white bread.
  • Every home should have a first aid kit and here is why

    Here at HarmLess NZ we believe each and every one of us should be living our best life and to do so involves some combination of watching or participating in running, leaping, swimming, riding, driving, exploring, making, creating or loving.
  • What to include in a first aid kit

    Most businesses are aware they have a requirement to provide first aid facilities including first aid kits. Fewer businesses are aware of a couple...
  • Duty to Provide First Aid

    Whether we like it or not, as employers, we have a duty to provide first aid facilities for our workplaces. This is outlined under Section 13 of t...