About us – Harm-Less New Zealand

About us

Focusing on what matters (our philosophy)

Friends and family - after all, that's what businesses are made of. For most of us, even if we love our jobs, we work to live, not live to work and when we go home, it's to go home to our loved ones. 

Our aim is to find as many ways as we can, to limit the level of risk in our communities - whether that is at home, the office, industry or anywhere else a risk of harm is present so we all have the opportunity to experience what matters most to us. 

But we don't just offer solutions to help us feel good... that's the side effect, not our primary intent. Instead, we pride ourselves on helping our customers to develop resilience and implement solutions that help them save valuable time, resources, limit stress and improve potential outcomes so that when they are met with challenges, they are able to confidently tackle them head on. 

How we help

We offer both proactive and reactive risk management solutions as we recognise that despite our best efforts we can't prepare for every eventuality. We teach our client's how to identify what matters most, how to identify their greatest areas of risk, prioritise those areas for management, and to identify which solutions are likely to give the best bang for buck so you can get back to  focusing on your core responsibilities. 

How we embrace our philosophy

Health and safety is our core area of expertise and within that discipline we focus on culturally motivated solutions. Once again, we don't focus on this area because it feels good (ok, we admit it, it is definitely a perk), we focus on it because we know that how you get the best results. 

We work with all areas of an organisation - from the leadership team through to your lowest paid workers because we know everyone has a vital role to play... and we work with anyone who wants our assistance, no matter how large or small you are. 

Our process is tailored to your needs and circumstances and we use a variety of delivery methods, systems, processes, products and services to assist you to develop a robust approach. 

We are constant learners so we are always looking for opportunities to improve our knowledge so we can share what we know with you.