About us

You might know us better as...

First Aid Services and Harm-Less Workplaces. Back in 2018 we merged these two companies. In 2023 we changed our trading name to better reflect the larger range of products we now offer. First Aid Services has been looking after our South Island customers since 2008 while Harm-Less Workplaces has been providing services throughout New Zealand since 2016.

Our website was launched in 2020 to provide cost effective first aid suppliers throughout New Zealand for Mum's, Dad's, Sports People, Businesses and Community Organisations (and anyone else who needs a first aid solution delivered to their door).

Focusing on what matters (our philosophy)

Our aim is to provide cost effective first aid products throughout New Zealand so that, when you need it most, you are readily prepared with the tools you need to help out a loved one, or even yourself. 

We are constant learners so we are always looking for opportunities to improve our knowledge so we can share what we know with you.