Combine Dressings

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A Combine Dressing is a first aid pad used to dress and treat wounds, making them Ideal for dressing wounds, cuts, grazes, and as a post-surgical covering Because of their versatility, combine wound dressings are an essential item for all first aid kits

The pads used in combined dressings are highly porous and cushioning, permitting them to protect sensitive wounds. This is what makes them a useful first-aid tool for any home, workplace, or pet first aid kit.

Because combine dressings are designed for dressing wounds, they come in a sterile pack and are available in various sizes. 

Combine dressings are surgical dressings that are ideal for-

  • use as a primary or secondary dressing 
  • medium to heavy bleeding wounds

Designed to be used in conjunction with an appropriate bandage or tape so they can be secured in place.

Note - Specification and/or sizes of product may vary slightly if not available at time of packaging.