BurnCare Burn Gel

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BurnCare Burn Gel is a soothing, cooling gel which can help to relieve the pain associated with burns. It is suitable for use on burns, scalds and sunburn and is appropriate for use on 1st and 2nd-degree burns. 

BurnCare Burn Gel aids the healing process of burns by keeping the wound moist and because BurnCare Burn Gel is water-soluble, if medical treatment is appropriate, it is easier to clean off than other non-water-soluble burn treatments. 

We recommended placing the burn under gentle cold running water for ten minutes as soon as possible after the burn has occurred. Once the burn has cooled, simply apply the gel to the burn area where it will soothe, calm and lubricate the burn.

PLEASE NOTE: With Deep burns always seek medical advice as soon as possible to avoid the areas becoming infected.

Safe for use on children and facial burns

Ingredients 90% Water-based gel containing 15% Melaleuca oil, emulsifiers and surfactant

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