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DTS Medical Fingertip and Knuckle Plasters 12 pack

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Fabric Fingertip and Knuckle Plasters, assorted 12 pack

These plasters have been specifically shaped to fit easily on the fingertip or knuckle making them perfect for awkward nips or cuts. Each pack contains two different shaped plasters

  • 'H-shaped’ for knuckles
  • ‘Butterfly’ shape for fingertips 

Conveniently packaged in a space-saving flat pack, these plasters are great for vehicle kits and other kits that have limited space available. 

  • Breathable
  • Strong, pliable fabric
  • Water resistant
  • Latex free
  • Super adhesive
  • Promotes natural healing

Like all plasters, DTS Fingertip and Knuckle Plasters should be replaced daily until the wound heals.