Empty First Aid Cases - Snatch and Grab

Green 270mm x 185mm x 115mm
Orange 270mm x 185mm x 115mm
XL Green

Empty First Aid Cases - Snatch and Grab

These versatile First Aid Empty Cases are the perfect solution for an emergency.

The Snatch n Grab First Aid Kit is designed to be wall mounted. Then, in an emergency situation you simply snatch it and grab it to carry it to where it is needed most. The wall mount section stays on the wall so it can be reattached later and the first aid kit goes to your patient. Your patient doesn't need to somehow make their way to the first aid kit!!

Snatch and Grab empty first aid cases have clear compartments inside so you can easily organise your first aid contents

Measurements are approximate.

The Snatch and Grab first aid kit empty case range is made of durable plastic. Therefore, they are suitable for home, workplace, office, and other industrial uses.

Note - Specification and/or sizes of product may vary slightly if not available at time of packaging.