February 02, 2022 1 min read

COVID continues to be the topic that dominates most workplaces and I've recently had a few calls seeking some guidance about how to prevent workplaces from being shut down in the event of a exposure event.  

One option is to implement bubbles. These are great if you can fully segregate your workplace, but aren't practical if you need flexibility in your teams and/or your workers all socialise together outside of the workplace.  

For most small businesses (in my opinion), your best chance of minimising the impact of a COVID case affecting your entire workplace is to avoid scenarios that create close contacts. So this essentially means maintaining a distance of at least 1.5m at all times (or at least as much as possible). 

Where this can't be accommodated, use (preferably P2 or N95) masks (definitely not scarves, shirts, or cloth masks). Make sure masks are being used correctly and keep the close contact time below 15 minutes.  

Ensure good hygiene

  • regularly clean surfaces 
  • regularly clean hands (soap and water is best but hand sanitiser is good too) 
  • no sharing smokes, drinks, vapes etc 
  • no coughing or sneezing on others or near others 
  • no kissing at the workplace🙂 

If you can manage to follow the above, you should be in a good position to prevent the spread and it is also much less likely your team members will be considered close contacts of someone who tests positive.  

I hope this provides some practical tips and helps relieve the current stress levels a little.  


Barb Hutchinson
Barb Hutchinson

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