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First aid for sports

There’s nothing more exhilarating than winning a big game against your fiercest rivals no matter what sport that is in. Sometimes you need to put your body on the line to make the win and when that happens, you might need to give it a little TLC in the form of some first aid care. After all,  you’re there to play, not watch from the side-lines! And that’s why it’s so important to be prepared with your first aid for sports kit.  

Get caught off-side, not off guard.

We totally get it…you play sports for enjoyment and don’t want to think about what could go wrong, but the reality is that injuries in sport do occur - particularly contact ones, so isn’t it better to be prepared so you can get back out there again as soon as possible!

Some things to consider when planning for first aid for sports:

  • What are the common injuries sustained with the sports you’re participating in? For example, rugby is a collision sport, so injuries such as cuts and strained tendons can occur. This means you’ll want to include plasters, cohesive bandages and ice-packs in your first aid kit. Motorsport on the other hand, can cause burns and bruises, in which case a specialised motorsport kit is ideal.
  • Know who’s first aid trained at the club you’ll be playing at. Regardless of how large or small the club is, they should have at least one trained first aider close by.
  • Consider how isolated the area you’re playing in is, and if you’re playing away from home ensure you know the local area. It’s a good idea to download an Accident and Emergency app prior to the game so you know where to get help if you need it.
  • When planning what you’ll need for first aid for sports consider whether your kit will need to service an individual, a team, or an entire club. If you’re providing first aid for an individual a one person first aid kit will suffice, but for an entire club you’ll want something a bit more comprehensive.
  • It’s important to think about what can be done to mitigate injury for the particular sports you’re playing. Proper warm-ups and stretching is a given, however strapping using porus paper tape or cohesive bandages can also be a great way to stabilise joints and restrict joint movement. As an added bonus cohesive bandages can also be used to keep your socks up too!

Here are some of the items we recommend you consider including in your first aid for sports kit: