August 21, 2020 2 min read

Most businesses are aware they have a requirement to provide first aid facilities including first aid kits. Fewer businesses are aware of a couple of other requirements:Teddy Bear in Bandages
  • ensure the first aid kits are equipped with equipment which is appropriate for the risks that are present in the work you do
  • to regularly check first aid kits and replace used and expired content
  • first aid kits must be readily accessible by the workers who may need them
According to WorkSafe's guidance documents, all first aid kits should include content to attend to injuries like:
  • cuts, scratches, punctures, grazes and splinters
  • soft tissue sprains and strains
  • minor burns
  • broken bones
  • eye injuries, and
  • shock
If your business involves 
  • handling chemical liquids or powders in open containers
  • carrying out spraying, hosing or abrasive blasting
  • the risk of particles flying into workers' eyes
  • the risk of being splashed or sprayed with infectious materials
  • carry out welding, cutting or machining operations
  • working in kitchens or handling food for sale
  • workers who work alone
  • the risk of crush injuries
  • the risk of traumatic injuries such as amputation

you'll need additional content other than a basic first aid kit for your workplace. 

Most first aid kits contain basic items suitable for all environments. If your workplace has additional hazards such as those listed above, you'll need to add extra items to your first aid kit/s.

If you are working with hazardous substances, it is a good idea to review your safety data sheets to help understand what first aid facilities should be available to your workers. 

We recommend you conduct a risk assessmentand a needs assessmentto determine what equipment you require, or get in contact with us so we can conduct those assessments for you and you can be confident you have the right equipment handy in case of an emergency. 


Barb Hutchinson
Barb Hutchinson

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