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Studies have shown that people of New Zealand spend about 1,175 million hours every year in their cars. When you're driving, you should be prepared for any situation. That's why having an  emergency kit for the vehicle is critical. You will be safe, but you'll also have some fun items on hand just in case! Here are the must-haves for your next road trip and the benefits of having an emergency car kit.

What to add in an emergency kit for a Vehicle

While you are getting ready for your road trip, you never forget to add stuff like your goggles and cap, eatables for your entertainment, and a CD with all your favorite songs. So why leave it an essential thing that can help you in cases of emergency? 

Here is anemergency kit for car list of some items that you should keep with you as emergencies come uninvited. 

  • Extra clothes
  • Blanket
  • Whistle (to attract attention in cases of hazards
  • Roadmaps
  • All your documents (Ids, passports, etc.)
  • First aid supplies
  • Seatbelt cutter (in case you are stuck in your seatbelt)

Apart from these, you should keep some items in the trunk of your car to deal with emergencies. These include-

  • Rope
  • Air pump
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Warning lights, etc. 

You also should keep an extra stock of eatables and water, sufficient to take care of the whole family, just in case you are stuck somewhere for a long time. Finally, ensure that your emergency kit for car checklist is complete the next time you head out for a drive.

Why is having an emergency kit in your Vehicle important?

  1. The Vehicle, just like any other machine, is prone to malfunction. There might be incidents when your vehicle forces you to stop on the road and wait for help. In such cases, a car emergency kit can prove quite beneficial. In instances of storm, rain, injury, or any other unfortunate incident, theemergency kit for the car can save your life.
  2. Cars cause injuries in accidents. Sometimes when an animal comes in front of the vehicle or a tree falls in front due to a heavy storm, you might mishandle the car, leading to accidents. In such cases, problems such as bruises, cuts, etc., can occur. The items in your emergency kit for the car can help you in these situations.
  3. Just in case you would need to spend a night somewhere unexpected. If you are travelling on a long route and there is any problem that coerces you to stay the night somewhere you had not planned, you would regret not having an emergency kit for your car. Therefore, while travelling on long routes, you should carry a little emergency kit for yourself, including necessary items such as a toothbrush, towel, and a few first aid supplies items for emergencies like these. 

If you do not have the time or appropriate knowledge, you can also buy emergency car kits online from various shops. Almost all the cars come pre-equipped with anemergency tool kit for the car, and some also come with a first-aid kit, having all the items you might need in an emergency. You would be surprised to see the items in those kits, and their usage will surprise you even more!

We hope that you may never need to use your emergency kit for your car. Yet you should make sure to keep all of the supplies in a place where you can quickly grab them if needed and practice using them to familiarize yourself with how they work. Doing this can help ensure that you and your loved ones will be as safe as possible during an emergency.

Shiva Ji
Shiva Ji

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