On-Site First Aid Kit Servicing – Harm-Less New Zealand

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On-Site First Aid Kit Servicing

First Aid Kit Auditing and Replenishment

Plan for the worst, hope for the best. We love this saying and it's an integral part of our first aid kit auditing and replenishing service.

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Utilising feedback from your staff, what we know about your industry and the latest WorkSafe guidelines to conduct a risk assessment of your working environment and provide you with relevant hospital grade products to ensure a speedy recovery should a workplace injury occur. 

Convenient, cost effective, tailored solutions

Our on-site service is convenient, cost effective and tailored to your needs. Our expertise enables us to use our best judgement to balance the requirements of planning for a catastrophic event while minimising the costs to your business where we can. 

HSWA Compliant Solutions

You can trust us to ensure your first aid equipment is up-to-date, regularly serviced, appropriate for the work you do, and meets the compliance requirements of the Health & Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 for first aid facilities. 

Servicing Multiple Locations

We currently provide our onsite first aid kit audit and replenishment service to most of the South Island including Canterbury, South Canterbury, Waitaki, Central Otago, Southland, Clutha, and Otago making us a convenient supplier of choice for organisations with sites in multiple locations. We also have a strategic relationship with another supplier who services the rest of New Zealand should a nationwide service be required. 

Range of options

Depending on your location we are able to offer monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual servicing to most areas, other frequencies can be negotiated on request. We are also able to fulfill online orders for the rest of New Zealand and offer phone advice where appropriate. 

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